Devil's Corner Riesling 750ml 750ml

$22.50 each


Intrepid sailors navigating Tasmania's Tamar River discovered a treacherous bend and named it Devil's Corner. Beyond the tumultuous waters they found an amazing sanctuary, where still waters rewarded their hard navigational efforts. Their courage in pursuing this sanctuary is celebrated in this truly cool climate, finely crafted wine from exceptional Tasmanian terroir.

- National Wine Show: International Judges Award 2014 Trophy

- National Wine Show: Class 1 Gold 2014

- Sydney Royal Wine Show: Class 1 Gold 2015

Tasting Notes

A classic cool climate Riesling with vibrant fruit intensity, hints of lime, tropical fruit and delicate floral perfumes. Refreshing minerality teams well with a plate of fresh Tassie oysters.

Product Details

Varietal Riesling
Alcohol By Volume 12.5%
Standard Drinks 7.4
Region Tasmania
Bottled in Apslawn