Skittles Fruits Chewy Lollies Box 45g 45g

$1.99 each $4.42 HG


There's magic afoot here, people. Every bulk pack of SKITTLES sweets gives your crowd the chance to TASTE THE RAINBOW with a variety of fruit flavour bite size sweets almost too good to be true. Lemon, orange, strawberry, green apple and grape flavoured fruity, chewy lollies and sweets. They're taste sensations that make even the most stoic of unicorns smile. Bring a bulk bag of SKITTLES lolly awesomeness to movie nights, game sessions or picnics. Fill lolly bags and party bowls, or dish them out as snack sweets to co-workers, study buddies and family. Love baking? Why not sprinkle their colourful fun-in-the-mouth fruity flavours into party desserts, cakes and fudge? So, in summary, unicorns (which exist) really like SKITTLES sweets. And you will too. THE END. PS Please feed your unicorn some SKITTLES lollies. It hates being left out of the lolly party.